Do what has never been done before.

Do what others are afraid to do.

Do something that leaves a lasting impression.

Do something that leaves others shocked.

ANYTHING NEW specializes in sales driven marketing, social media, photography, design, business development, and life changing experiences.

We partner with brands and companies to make positive impacts in the community and within organizational operations. We care greatly about the work we do, people we work with, products we represent, and making the world a better place.


ANYTHING NEW is owned and operated by Lauren Short. She offers over ten years of experience in marketing, strategy, design, outreach, and engagement. Lauren has a colorful history of working in various industries such as mainstream media, plant based + herbal health care, cosmetics + skin care, photography, event planning, sexual health, restaurant and bars, and fitness.

She has worked for many major and trusted brands to improve operations, sales, and marketing direction. She always strives to think outside of the box and build lasting, genuine connections with audiences. Community service and giving back is important to Lauren, and she is always trying to find win-win solutions for clients that make positive change in the world.

Lauren recently managed a photo studio specializing in family, infant, and milestone photography for one of the most trusted portrait companies in the nation. Her studio received much recognition for continuously being one of the top three producing locations within the company and for building a strong and dedicated team. She now works full time in radio, networking in the community and creating impactful radio advertisements. In her spare time, Lauren also assists with ecommerce and marketing for clients. She also is a certified meditation instructor, aspiring yoga instructor, and host of a live show on Shady Pines Radio every Tuesday at 6 PM PST. In her free time, she can be found taking her beloved dog on adventures, hot tubbing, and enjoying bites and craft cocktails at local establishments.


Be bold.

Make big moves.

Stand out.

Create change.